Mamut VR

Mamut Grips DX (Rift S / Quest)

セール価格 価格 ¥3,100 通常価格 ¥3,490 単価  あたり 


Standard edition in red TPU.

Gathering feedback from users of the original Mamut Grips since the start of sales in 2018 has boiled down to version 2.0, Mamut Grips DX.
Better ergonomics and implementation of support for
the Apto has been our main focus points.

  • Slim design, near seamless surface to surface on the controller.
  • Comfortable, not matter what size of hand.
  • Soft padding for prolonged comfort.
  • Softer texture for good grip without discomfort.
  • Added length to the controllers.
  • Quickly unmount for battery replacement using velcro.
  • Added mount for original strap.
  • Added strap mounting holes to fit your hands.
  • Mounting holes in the bottom for integrating Grips DX to Mamut Apto.

Mamut Apto ready, mount sold separately.

Why is these at a lower price point than Stealth?
Exposure is key, and these ones are really visible.
Cutting some on marketing budget for these.
Plus, it looks really neat in combo with Apto and Halo.